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Due to limited number of placements applicants are requested to complete a Statement of Employment to be sent to the University as soon as possible after applying though SATAC.

Mental health nursing incorporates mental health assessment, promotion, prevention and early intervention for those experiencing mental health problems and mental illness.

Mental health nurses are professionals who facilitate an improved quality of life for people with mental health conditions. They actively participate in the recognition, assessment and treatment of people with mental health and co-morbid conditions and provide support and assistance to their families and friends.

The Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Nursing prepares registered nurses to care for people experiencing mental illness, exploring bio-psychosocial and behavioural sciences, comorbidity, pharmacology and the provision of family support within mental health. Emphasis is also placed on the practice of mental health care for a culturally diverse society, in metropolitan, rural and remote clinical settings.

You will study courses on perspectives in mental health, theoretical approaches to mental health practice, therapeutic encounters in mental health and consolidation of mental health practice, while extending your skills to become a lifelong learner.

Mental health nurses are employed in diverse settings in the public and private sectors including hospital emergency departments, acute inpatient units, rehabilitation programs, the justice system, and community-based settings providing education, outreach and crisis response.

As part of this program, you’ll study online at your own pace and feel supported by on-campus workshops.

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