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With a nation-wide shortage, demand for breast sonographers is at an all-time high. Breast sonography is a progressive specialty area at the forefront of female health development and professionals in these areas have a strong medical interest and practical skills in the area of applied radiography. The area is continually growing along with its advancements in technology and health initiatives, and the University of South Australia is the only institution in Australia to offer an accredited program in these areas.

The program is designed to provide diagnostic radiographers and other relevant health professionals with the ability to develop new skills and theoretical knowledge in the specialist area of breast ultrasound. Through a combination of theory and technically focused practice, you will gain the expertise required to analyse clinical results and perform practical procedures in breast ultrasound.

Demand for sonographers is high, and as a graduate you may find employment both locally and internationally in roles such as a specialist breast sonographer or tutor/trainer in professional settings.

This program is only for New Zealand students studying in New Zealand and is offered on a part-time basis over a minimum of 1 year.

All other Australian domestic and international students should click here.

Though the program is external, all students will be required to attend a compulsory, one-week, full-time, intensive workshop at the University of South Australia.

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