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This program provides health professionals with qualifications in their professional fields of practice. It also aims for health professionals to advance knowledge of professional issues and develop the ability to independently undertake workplace-based projects or research.

With options to pursue a project or a research pathway, the Master of Health Science program specifically prepares you to operate as a consumer and producer of entry level research and the opportunity to pursue professional development interests in a variety of health science areas.

Core studies provide you with the knowledge and skills to think critically and understand research methodologies. Electives allow you to pursue professional development interests in extended areas. There is flexibility in the program for you to choose study in areas of your own interest by self-directed learning under the guidance of a supervisor. You have the choice to undertake either a research project or a work-based project.

You may find yourself implementing workplace improvements, pursuing a research path, transitioning into other health science areas or employment in advanced, leadership or management roles in government, academia, hospitals, mental health and public health units, health care foundations, or aged and disability care services.

You can choose to study this program externally, online.

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