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Law affects almost every aspect of society and is used in all industries. At the University of South Australia, we offer a number of double degrees combining law with such disciplines as accounting, management, international relations, journalism and professional writing, marketing, and psychological science. This program will allow you to maximise your employment opportunities, graduating with two degrees in five years. You will learn the fundamental legal principles of Australian law, together with advanced legal knowledge in the area of human resource management. This expertise will combine with the knowledge acquired through studying a second discipline, enhancing both your skills and employability upon graduation.

The law degree is taught using a slightly different study period structure to other degrees at the University of South Australia. Law courses are taught in three trimesters, whilst all other courses are taught in two semesters per year. To ensure a clash-free timetable, the School of Law recommends that you alternate between a full year of law courses and a full year of the courses from your other discipline. The flexibility of the program does allow you to study both disciplines at the same time, however should you choose to do this, we recommend you seek advice from the Law Senior Academic Services Officer or Program Director upon entry into the program. The five-year double degree may be undertaken in four years, however we suggest that you familiarise yourself with the requirements for admission as a legal practitioner in South Australia.

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Our summer and winter schools provide you with a range of exciting study and learning opportunities such as intensives and internships, improve flexibility by allowing you to spread your study load across the year, increase your exchange opportunities and allow you to fast-track your degree.

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