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The Diploma in Languages allows you to develop proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing in a chosen language and to develop an understanding of the related culture and society. This is a unique opportunity to study a language concurrently with your chosen degree.

The ability to converse in a second (or third) language is recognised as an invaluable skill for people looking to live, work or study in another region of the world or for those wanting to utilise their language skills in Australia. It is also an increasingly important skill to offer employers.

The University of South Australia’s Diploma in Languages will enable you to enhance your skills in a world language. The Diploma in Languages enables you to study French, Italian, Japanese or English (as an Additional Language) while you study your professional degree.

The Diploma caters to a range of abilities, including those with no or little experience to the more advanced student. Academic staff will help determine the appropriate level for you.

Our Diploma has been designed to enable you to focus on areas of language study complementary to your studies. The additional courses will add one year to your studies and you will graduate with two qualifications, increasing your opportunities for employment in Australia and overseas. Benefits of this qualification include the opportunity to study your chosen language in-country on exchange, enabling you to develop first-hand the intercultural skills essential for working in an international environment.

For postgraduate students, the Diploma in Languages can be undertaken as a part-time, stand-alone qualification.

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