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Our Bachelor of Business is an integrated program that provides you with a grounding in the key business disciplines with our industry—and business—focused core courses. Combined with a specialisation in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and the opportunity to embed an internship, mentoring or work integrated learning, the program will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to succeed in this increasingly important industry.

Many products we rely on daily comprise components from around the world. Apart from logistics and supply chain professionals, most people would take for granted the complex systems that bring products to your doorsteps or local store. Logistics and supply chain management involves storing and managing the flow of goods and services from the point of origin to the consumer. It can encompass warehousing, monitoring inventory, purchasing, transport and distribution.

Through this specialisation, you will develop general management knowledge, focusing on operations and logistics functions, and learn about the creation and maintenance of value chains. As a graduate, you will recognise the need for change and innovation in the supply chain, in both local and international markets.

Internship opportunities
Industry values graduates who can apply cutting-edge theory to real industry challenges with the confidence that only comes with experience.

You can gain valuable insight and career skills as part of your degree with advanced career focussed electives and internships in industry.

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Fast track your degree
Our summer and winter schools provide you with a range of exciting study and learning opportunities such as intensives and internships, improve flexibility by allowing you to spread your study load across the year, increase your exchange opportunities and allow you to fast-track your degree.

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