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If you’ve got an interest in health research, we may have the research degree for you.

The Division hosts the internationally recognised Sansom Institute for Health Research, home to leading scientists finding solutions to some of the big health care challenges of the 21st century. Researchers in our Sansom Institute for Health Research are dedicated to research that anticipates and responds to the health care needs of a rapidly changing world. At the heart of the Sansom Institute’s research agenda is the application of research into products and practice to bring about better health outcomes. We believe a good idea that can’t be applied is as wasteful as a medicine that can’t be administered or a policy that excludes those most in need. Supporting the Sansom Institute’s research are three schools: Health Sciences (which includes the Centre for Population Health Research), Nursing and Midwifery and Pharmacy and Medical Sciences.

Our expert researchers are available to supervise Doctor of Philosophy students in a dynamic research environment. Opportunities are many and varied to undertake research across biomedical, the development and use of medicines, cancer treatment, genetic and infectious disease, nutrition and exercise, the early origins of adult health, brain function and health, population health, and health policy and practice investigations. We offer varied PhD programs, each tailored to suit your research interests. Use our Directory of Research Expertise to start the conversation with a potential research supervisor.


For all program enquiries, please contact the following Research Degree Coordinators:
School of Health Sciences (including the Centre for Population Health Research): Associate Professor Marie Williams
School of Nursing and Midwifery: Dr David Evans
School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences (including the Centre for Cancer Biology): Associate Professor Craig Williams

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