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The Bachelor of Medical Science is a flexible program that exposes you to the disciplines central to understanding human health and disease. You will have the chance to explore the diverse careers available in this field, and develop the skills to support a range of graduate destinations. You will also have the unique opportunity to participate in research projects within the University of South Australia's Sansom Institute for Health Research, the Centre for Cancer Biology and enjoy access to a wider range of medical science courses through a collaborative teaching program with the Australian National University (ANU).

You can choose to align your studies with your career ambitions, with advanced specialties in pharmacology and toxicology, cancer biology, reproductive and developmental physiology and advanced molecular methods used in forensic science and biotechnology.

Further study

The program opens up a range of postgraduate opportunities in medicine, dentistry and allied health programs, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, sonography and population health as well as in complementary non-science areas such as teaching and marketing. Opportunities are dependent on course selection throughout the program.

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