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Please note that the course Strategic Space Law is not available for enrolment in 2017

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Completed applications should be returned via email to  IEE-Admissions@unisa.edu.au

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This program is especially designed for you if you have completed the International Space University (ISU) Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program (SH-SSP) or a similar ISU program, such as the ISU Space Studies Program.

The SH-SSP is an intensive, five week, live-in experience in the southern hemisphere summer, involving the international, intercultural and interdisciplinary educational philosophy for which ISU is renowned. It is conducted jointly with UniSA and leads to the award of an SH-SSP Executive Certificate. The SH-SSP focuses on space applications, space policy and space services, while giving you a well-rounded overview of the principles and concepts involved in space science, space systems engineering and technology, space business and management and space legal and regulatory issues. The SH-SSP forms half of the Graduate Certificate in Space Studies.

If you successfully complete the SH-SSP Executive Certificate or the Graduate Certificate in Space Studies you may be granted credit in an undergraduate UniSA program with the approval of the UniSA Program Director. The Graduate Certificate in Space Studies may also be a foundation step towards further tertiary study or a career in the space sector.

The Graduate Certificate in Space Studies gives you the opportunity to focus on individual research and writing based on issues that emanate from the SH-SSP White Paper Project or from work undertaken in an ISU SSP. Your project work commences at UniSA and is then completed in external mode from your home institution. Topics for research will vary across the numerous subjects introduced in SH-SSP and will range from space related technology to space biology, economics, law and policy. Staff from UniSA and the ISU will provide expert supervision for the space studies projects.

The effective fee for the program in 2016 is A$6,550, which corresponds to 25% of an equivalent full time (EFT) year: whilst LCSD is 50% of an EFT year, a further 50% of this is credited from completion of either SH-SSP or SSP.

The Australian Research Council's 2015 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) recognised the university's research in the areas of Environmental Science and Management,  Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Materials Engineering; and Resources Engineering and Extractive Metallurgy as well above world class. 



This program provides graduates, skilled practitioners and professionals from diverse disciplinary backgrounds with a broad understanding of issues related to space studies.

Entry requirements

Applicants are required to have:

  • A completed Bachelors degree from a recognised higher education institution or equivalent; AND
  • Successfully completed either the Southern Hemisphere Summer Space Program at UniSA or the nine-week International Space University Summer Space Program.

Content and structure

A total of 18 units of study are required to complete the program.

Program Structure
Course nameArea and cat no.UnitsReference
ISU Southern Hemisphere Summer Space Program - elective course 9
UniSA Component
Space Studies ProjectENGG 50109 Rule(s): 2
Strategic Space LawLAWS 50179 Rule(s): 2


  1. 9 units of elective credit will be granted in this program on the basis of successful completion of the International Space University Southern Hemisphere Summer Space Program or the ISU nine-week Space Studies Program SSP.
  2. Completion of ISU Southern Hemisphere Summer Space Program or the ISU nine-week Space Studies Program SSP is a prerequisite for the courses ENGG 5010 Space Studies Project and Strategic Space Law.



Program director(s)

AsPr Graziella Caprarelli

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This is based on the total number of units for this program where one EFTSL is expressed as 36 units.