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Mathematical skills are an essential ingredient for decision making and modelling in Business and Industry. Knowledge of Statistics is also essential for the collection and analysis of data. Most organisations realise that success depends critically on their ability to manage these activities and therefore seek employees with a solid background in Mathematics and Statistics. This stream develops knowledge of quantitative reasoning via studies in the fundamental concepts of Applied Mathematics, Numerical Mathematics, Operations Research and Statistics.


An introductory computer literacy course.

Assumed Knowledge:

SACE Stage 2 Mathematical Studies


Courses that are in majors, sub-majors and/or minors:
Area and cat no.UnitsLevelReferences
Calculus 1MATH 10544.5
Calculus 2MATH 10554.51
Statistical Methods MATH 10684.51Note(s): 4
Linear AlgebraMATH 10564.51
Differential Equations 1MATH 20234.52
Calculus 3MATH 20264.52
Linear Programming and NetworksMATH 20144.52
Methods of Applied Mathematics 1MATH 20284.5
Fundamentals of Real AnalysisMATH 20274.5
Statistical FoundationsMATH 20204.52
Numerical Methods 1MATH 20104.52
Introduction to Stochastic ProcessesMATH 20184.52
OptimisationMATH 30094.53
Applied Functional AnalysisMATH 30264.53
Complex AnalysisMATH 30314.5
Time Series and ForecastingMATH 30184.5
Simulation Theory and ApplicationMATH 40344.53





At least 2 of the courses chosen in a Major must be at level 3.


Other level 3 courses are available from both the LBMA and DBQF programs which may be taken, subject to prerequisite conditions.


An eight-course major can be extended to a 12 course extended major by taking extra courses from the list or from additional electives in the third year of LBMA or DBQF, subject to prerequisites.


Students cannot take both MATH 1068 Statistical Methods and MATH 1040 Statistics for Laboratory Sciences 101. For subsequent courses where MATH 1068 is listed as a prerequisite, a grade of Credit or better in MATH 1040 is required.


Some of the listed level 3 courses may not be available in every year.

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