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Through the Professional Writing sub-major students will engage with a wide range of industry sourced, corporate, governmental and academic texts, learning to critically analyse written and visual content and subsequently, create their own successful communications. Through theoretical engagement and practical application, students will gain an understanding of the requirements of effective text construction and publication which reflects changing technologies, industry ethics, and issues of copyright. As they progress from introductory to advanced levels of learning, students will work through the planning, drafting, and designing stages of text production to understand all aspects of communicating effectively within the wider professional context.



Assumed Knowledge:



Courses that are in majors, sub-majors and/or minors:
Area and cat no.UnitsLevelReferences
Professional and Technical CommunicationCOMM 10654.51
Media ContextsCOMM 10594.51
Digital Design EssentialsCOMM 10664.51
Writing and Editing for PublicationCOMM 20094.52
Professional Writing COMM 30374.52
Advanced Writing and Editing for PublicationCOMM 30584.53
Advanced Professional WritingCOMM 30574.53



A sub-major in Professional Writing consisting of six courses (27 units), two at Level 1 (Introductory), two at Level 2 (Intermediate) and two at Level 3 (Advanced).


A minor in Professional Writing consists of four courses (18 units), two of which must be at Level 1 (Introductory) and two at Level 2 (Intermediate).


Professional Writing is not available as a sub-major to students studying in the Bachelor of Journalism and Professional Writing or the Bachelor of Communication and Media program.



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