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French is a major world language spoken in more than 40 countries. It is the language most widely learned in English-speaking countries and a major scientific, cultural and commercial language. Students preparing for international careers in government, industry, the arts, education, business and marketing and the diplomatic world will find French a logical choice.


Only French 1A has no prerequisites. The prerequisites for proceeding to 1B, 2B, 3B and 4B are respectively 1A, 2A, 3A and 4A courses. LANG 1023 French 1B (or equivalent) is the prerequisite for French In-Country.

Assumed Knowledge:

Students who have completed the beginners' stream (1A and 1B) or have studied French at Stage 2 level of the SACE certificate or equivalent must enrol in French 2A.


Courses that are in majors, sub-majors and/or minors:
Area and cat no.UnitsLevelReferences
French 1ALANG 10224.51
French 1BLANG 10234.51
French In-CountryLANG 203493Note(s): 4,5,6
French 2ALANG 10244.52
French 2BLANG 10254.52
French 3ALANG 30044.53Note(s): 1
French 3BLANG 30054.53Note(s): 1
Languages Research ProjectLANG 30284.53
French 4ALANG 40124.53
French 4BLANG 40134.53
Professional Language Application Project ALANG 30164.53
Professional Language Application Project BLANG 30174.53



Students must complete both 3A and 3B level courses (or equivalent) for the major in French Studies.


French is available as a major (8 courses), sub-major (6 courses) and a minor (4 courses) to both beginners and continuing students (eg SACE Stage 2 French or equivalent). To complete a major/sub-major as a beginner with little or no previous knowledge of French, students normally enrol in French 1A and 1B in their first year and choose a further 4 or 6 Level 2 and 3 French courses in subsequent years. Students who have completed SACE Stage 2 French or equivalent normally enrol in French 2A and 2B in their first year and complete their major/sub-major from the list of Level 2 or 3 French courses in subsequent years.


French Studies can also be combined with approved courses from International Studies and taken toward a major/sub-major in Languages and Culture Studies - see Languages and Culture Studies major.


The offering of French In-Country and some Level 3 courses will be subject to a minimum number of enrolments and these may be offered in alternate years.


French In-Country is studied abroad, in a tertiary institution specialising in the teaching of French to foreigners, with airfares, accommodation and other in-country costs borne by the student. Eligible students should however apply for scholarships through the International Office.


Successful completion of French In-Country does not automatically permit students to bypass enrolment in French courses at the subsequent level. That is to say, on completion of French In-Country a student would not automatically move from French 1B to French 3A, bypassing 2A/2B. However, students may apply for advanced placement if they have achieved high scores, ie Distinction or above, in French In-Country. Even if a student does not achieve advanced placement however, French In-Country will provide the opportunity to improve proficiency levels and grades, and gain benefit from an approved immersion experience.

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