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French is a major world language spoken in more than 40 countries. It is the language most widely learned in English-speaking countries and a major scientific, cultural and commercial language. Students preparing for international careers in government, industry, the arts, education, business and marketing and the diplomatic world will find French a logical choice.


Only French 1A has no prerequisites. The prerequisites for proceeding to 1B, 2B and 3B are respectively 1A, 2A and 3A courses. LANG 1028 French 2B (or equivalent) is the prerequisite for European Languages In-Country.

Assumed Knowledge:



Courses that are in majors, sub-majors and/or minors:
Area and cat no.UnitsLevelReferences
French 1ALANG 10224.51Note(s): 1
French 1BLANG 10234.51Note(s): 1
French 2ALANG 10244.52
French 2BLANG 10254.52
French 3ALANG 30044.53
French 3BLANG 30054.53
Students choose from one of the following:
European Languages In-CountryLANG 303693Note(s): 2,3
Advanced Languages Studies: Translation and ResearchLANG 303493





Students who can demonstrate prior learning/experience in French, may be eligible to commence their studies at 2A. Students may be required to attend an interview and/or sit for a placement test as determined by the Program Director.


LANG 3036 European Languages In-Country is studied in France, in a tertiary institution specialising in the teaching of French to foreigners.


Students of European languages may include a study abroad experience. LANG 3036 European In-Country is studied in a country that is appropriate for the target language. Students intending to complete a study abroad semester need to negotiate the integration of this within their program study plan, consulting with the Program Director.


A major consists of 8 courses (36 units), two courses of which must be Level 1 (Introductory), two courses of which must be at Level 2 (Intermediate), two courses of which must be at Level 3 (Advanced) and one 9 unit course at Level 3 (Advanced).


A sub-major consists of six courses (27 units), two courses of which must be at Level 1 (Introductory), two courses of which must be at Level 2 (Intermediate) and two courses (or one 9 unit course) at Level 3 (Advanced).


A minor consists of four courses (18 units), two courses of which must be at Level 1 (Introductory) and two courses at Level 2 (Intermediate).


Students intending to apply for the Master of Teaching (Secondary) with Languages as a Learning Area must complete a minimum of six courses or equivalent for a Major Learning Area, or four courses or equivalent for a Minor Learning Area. Language courses must be completed in sequence. For students studying European Languages, LANG 3036 European Languages In-Country may be studied as an alternative to Level 3 (Advanced) courses (3A and 3B) in the Major Learning Area. Intending applicants for the Master of Teaching (Secondary) must have both a Major and a Minor Learning Area to qualify for entry. Students should consult with their Program Director for a schedule of recommended courses.

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