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Chemistry is a discipline central to the understanding of our environment. It is also essential to further improvements in our health and our lifestyle. This stream develops a knowledge of the fundamentals and experimental practices in organic, physical and inorganic chemistry.


Stage 2 Chemistry

Assumed Knowledge:

Stage 2 Mathematics Studies, Physics


Courses that are in majors, sub-majors and/or minors:
Area and cat no.UnitsLevelReferences
Chemistry 100CHEM 10064.51
Chemistry 101CHEM 10074.51
Synthetic ChemistryCHEM 20284.52
BiochemistryBIOL 20144.52
Dosage Form Design 1PHAR 20144.52
Structure Determination and AnalysisCHEM 20264.52
Molecules-to-Materials: Foundations for NanochemistryCHEM 30204.53
Advanced Synthetic ChemistryCHEM 20294.53
Advanced Structure Determination and AnalysisCHEM 20274.53
Applications Research Project 301CHEM 30154.53





A major (36 units) in Chemistry includes Chemistry 100 and Chemistry 101, at least two level 2 courses and at least two level 3 courses.


Students who have completed the Chemistry Major with an overall program GPA of (normally) 5 or greater will be eligible for entry to the Health Sciences Honours degree (IHHS) for study in the appropriate area.  Students intending to undertake Honours are advised to take all 10 courses within the Major.

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